About Us

Mission: BolsterBiz’s mission is to give you the invisible pair of extra hands so you can focus on the aspect of your business that is actually worth your time.


/ˈbəʊlstə/ - A structural part designed to provide Support, Reinforce or Strengthen.

Bolsterbiz started with the sole objective of helping growing companies reach the next level in their growth story. We see ourselves as an extension of the companies we work with and firmly believe that our success depends on the success of our partners.

A great idea is not enough to make it a success, we believe that it depends on the effective and efficient utilization of resources to execute the decisions taken during this journey per the needs and feedback of customers.


Outsource to India -S Stephen

Sanju Stephen, Co-Founder - BolsterBiz

We started BolsterBiz to provide businesses a better and cost-efficient way to distribute the workload. We understand how hectic and time-consuming can it be to start and run a business. 

Hence, we built a simple solution that allows people to focus on the mission-critical aspects of their business when we handle all the ‘non-core but the crucial’ ones. “We aim to rationalize the way people work as a result of our presence”.

Rajesh Kumar, Co-Founder - BolsterBiz

People neglect their personal development when they build a business. They work 24 hours to manage every aspect of their business because scaling a team involves vast expenditures.

BolsterBiz was born with a desire to help those goal-oriented people scale their team in a cost-efficient way so they can focus on their personal life and their professional life simultaneously.


We believe in working hard and having fun

Our Values


Client Driven

We develop relationships and collaborate with our clients to add value to their business in the long run.



We encourage creative thinking that leads to the discovery of creative and practical ways of solving the business challenges faced by us and our clients.


Team Work

We share the best practices, solve business challenges together as a team and grow together as a team.

Business Process Outsourcing

Constant Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving ourselves, our processes, products and services.

Business Process Outsourcing

Making Work Fun

We work hard to achieve our goals and have fun in what we do.