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At Bolsterbiz, we make sure that the brightest minds are deployed and the best strategies are executed to skyrocket your conversion rates. We achieve this by first understanding your target market followed by identifying and building a list of qualified prospects. We implement the right messaging, systems and workflow through our multi-touch approach. We make sure that you build healthy relationships with potential clients and maintain a steady sales pipeline that contributes to your revenues. 

Predictable sales cycle

Save time & efforts

Continuous prospecting

Lower overhead


Multiple touchpoints

Experienced & talented SDRs


Channels we leverage

Email outreach

Linkedin messaging

Cold calling 

Short message service

Video messaging

Handwritten letter

Recorded VMs

Benefits of trusting us with your sales activities

Cost Efficiency: Budgetary constraints will no longer be a hurdle in your path toward business success. Leverage premium quality sales service at a low cost and grow at a faster pace. 


Technology-driven: Bolsterbiz leverages the best sales tools to optimize, manage and track our sales expert’s performance in order to ensure high productivity. In addition, it helps us to ensure premium work quality and transparent reporting. 


Experienced Representatives: Take advantage of our sales expertise and capitalize on your growth ambitions. Our highly qualified and talented sales representatives will set powerful strategies and find the best sales channels to drive your sales and revenues. 


Rapid Growth: Rapid growth can stretch your existing team thin, especially if you are trying to hire simultaneously. Outsourcing your sales tasks to us will speed up your entire process of generating higher ROI and growing your business. 



Prospecting Process

Planning: The planning stage involves creating a blueprint of the overall sales process to ensure smooth implementation of strategies.

Implementation: During the implementation stage, we keep our plans into action in order to achieve the targeted goals.

Results: At the last stage, you can reap benefits from the positive output of our unique sales process.


  • Creating the strategy & sequence
  • Building/acquiring prospect lists
  • Identifying ideal customer profile
  • Starting sales campaign
  • Booking appointments
  • Lead




Master the sales funnel and scale your business


Our sales experts have proven expertise in helping clients with an innovative take on lead generation. We help you by finding the right prospect, followed by discussing your business proposition with them via call. At last, we set up an appointment to help you close the lead. Our sales outsourcing solutions are ideal for brands of all sizes. Big or small, we provide businesses with a flexible, agile model that guarantees high-quality lead generation. Get results that matter with our sales outsourcing specialists.  




Solutions that help you skyrocket your conversion rates


Standing out from the crowd is of utmost importance during this highly competitive era. That’s why it’s crucial to work with one of the best sales outsourcing companies to nudge your sales into hyper speed. Soar past the competition by having the right sales outsourcing partner by your side. Choosing us will help you get the best process, technologies, and experiences all in one place. Let’s get started. 






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Virtual assistance 

Customer support

Digital marketing 

Web development





Professional Outsourcing Services

Build your outsourcing team with us

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Professional Outsourcing

Build an extended team for your business requirements with our professional outsourcing Strategy. A strategy that ends your worries about things including Hiring, Training, expanding infrastructure, and other overhead expenses when scaling your team.


Why Professional

Professional outsourcing provides you with the industry’s best people to help you offload your burden. Now, you can focus on the mission critical aspects of your business.


What’s In It
For You?

You’ll open up a portal to the experienced and qualified workforce, and you don’t have to worry about going over-budget. With increased headcount, your customers will have an exquisite experience, followed with a spike in profits.



How can we help?

Efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive outsourcing solutions can boost profits and reduce risks. Our outsourcing services not just facilitate your back-office functions but also improve performance and profitability, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. 

We’re your trustable partner. When you’re not sure what needs to be done, we’ll step in, providing dedicated outsourcing services through every step of your business journey. Let’s get started! 




Benefits of leveraging our services

Flexible approach: We listen and adapt our services according to our client’s needs. We are open to making changes whenever the client demands. 

Value: We utilize the best technology to establish an improved client experience. We make sure our client gets the best value for their money. 

Focus: Whether its managing customers or reducing risks via automation, we are focused on ensuring the best service deliverable.

Control: We ensure improved data flow between departments and a smooth decisional process. 

Proactivity: You might face difficulty dealing with a problem you are not prepared for, and this is where we can make a difference. 

Unique: We design our strategic solutions by combining our expertise and experience with the latest technologies. 


Our Services


Customer Support

We will help you build a remote team of qualified experienced and agile representatives to handle your customer service requests via multiple channels such as: Email, Chat, Phone, social media etc.


eSales Development

We will help you prospect new accounts for your company through different platforms such as: Email automation, Messaging, and Cold calling. We can also help you in on-boarding your prospects.


Virtual Assistants

We will provide you with representatives who will work remotely to provide you assistance with tasks such as Managing calendars, appointments and emails, Event management, Personal tasks like handling booking and many more.


Digital Marketing

More than half of the global population has accessed the internet by now. You need to be where your customers are. We assist businesses reach their prospective customers before their competitors do.


Web development

Want to develop an attractive website that drives maximum traffic? Our team provides you with the right expertise to create an SEO friendly, and easy to use website for you that brings in positive results for your company.


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