Ticket Deflection: How to reduce support tickets in 2022?

How to reduce support tickets
How to reduce support tickets

How to reduce support tickets in 2022?

Customer support teams operate with one main goal, i.e., ensuring top-notch customer experience. 

But often, they’re unable to get any closer due to the surging support tickets waiting for them in the pipeline to be resolved.  

Mostly, this leads to businesses complaining about a stagnant support process, overburdened agents, skyrocketing response times, complaining customers, and huge ticket backlogs that keep surging. The truth is that managing support tickets is a hell of a task. 

But luckily, following certain steps can help you effectively manage tickets and take the stress off your agents’ shoulders. 

Here are the tips to effectively reduce your support tickets:

1. Create a knowledge base:

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 The motive behind creating a knowledge base is to educate customers about things they are unfamiliar with and which would help them complete their purchase smoothly. When your customers are well informed, they won’t get a reason to raise tickets. This way, you can prevent support tickets from piling up. Make sure the knowledge base articles are well-written and searchable. Use language and terms that are easy to understand by everyone. 

2. Leverage chatbots: 

Leveraging chatbots in your support process can have an undeniable impact. After all, what’s better than your customers getting immediate help as soon as they visit your website? Well, chatbots are designed to do just that. Chatbots can detect what a customer asks using pre-built workflows and assist them by offering the right FAQ article or links to the relevant page in the knowledge base.

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Chatbots can perform multiple functions like:

  • Providing automate answers
  • Improving workflow by pulling order requests, history, and relevant details, 
  • And transferring conversations to an agent whenever necessary. 

3. Prioritize Support Tickets Based on Urgency Level: 

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If support tickets pile up without any prioritization system in place, your customers will suffer and ask about the status of the problem. Support agents can avoid this outcome by prioritizing their incoming tickets. Prioritizing customer support tickets can be based on the following considerations: 

  • How many customers can get affected by this problem?
  • Whether the issue poses a security threat. 
  • Whether it has a significant impact on the brand image or business, and so on.

4. Publish an FAQs page

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It is crucial to have a simple and clear FAQs page if you want to minimize the quantity of customer support tickets. This will help customers to locate the answers to their queries by themselves, thus reducing customer dissatisfaction and support ticket counts. FAQ pages that list answers by category and in order of frequently asked questions will bridge the gap between the solution and the question. You can also use analytics to determine which questions are asked most often. A search function on your FAQs page makes it simple for your clients to locate the answer. It is essential to use clear, concise language. Individuals may not be English speakers, so the language should be clear and simple. 

5. Merge tickets originating from the same customer:

 Customers registering multiple tickets is common because they may be impatient or frustrated. This results in an increase in the number of tickets. You can prevent this by consolidating customer tickets and using a single ticket for all communications. This not only minimizes the overall number of tickets but also provides more detailed information about product support. 

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6. Create canned responses:

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Having a selection of pre-defined canned replies at their disposal will enable your support agents to answer the same questions faster. This will consequently speed up ticket resolution. Canned responses can be created for any sort of communication method, including voice conversations, live chats, emails, and more.

Ready to reduce support tickets like a pro?

Whatever your business is, reducing the volume of support tickets is always something you should strive to do. Following these tips will help you ensure increased efficiency, maximum productivity, and reduced stress on your support team.

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