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Everything you need to know about first contact resolution (FCR)

Every customer care centre aims to resolve a customer’s query during the first call itself. However, sometimes businesses fail to provide a good solution during the first call, hence failing to meet their customer’s expectations. According to the studies, American businesses that under-deliver during the first call resolution experiences a loss of $62 billion each year. 

What is first contact resolution (FCR)

First contact resolution, also known as first call resolution or simply FCR is a performance metric used by companies to measure their customer service’s success rate in resolving customers’ queries during the first time they called without any need for a follow-up. 

How to calculate the first call resolution rate?

To calculate the first call resolution rate of your company, you need to divide the total number of tickets resolved during the first call by the total number of cases received in a day.

 FCR= Total number of resolved tickets/total number of cases in a day

For example, Let’s say a company named ‘A’ received 1,327 calls in January. Of those calls, 714 were resolved on the first contact. This would calculate a 53.8% FCR rate. 

Company B received 798 calls in January and resolved 584 on the first contact. This amounts to a 73.2% FCR rate. 

Company B resolved issues more efficiently than Company A, even though Company A resolved more calls. 

Importance of first call resolution

Achieving first call resolution is an optimal need for the companies to ensure a wonderful experience for the customers without them having to call another time for the same issue. Here are the other reasons why first contact resolution is important for customer experience measurement.

1. Helps you retain customers: 

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Unresolved customer issues are the main reasons why customers think of leaving your brand. According to the studies, around 67% of customers churn because the customer support agents are not able to solve their problem during the first call resolution. Helping customers with their pain points during the first time they call you can make them more likely to stick with you in the long run. 

2. It changes the mind of the dissatisfied customer:

Turning a detractor into a promoter for your business might be simple if you handle a client’s concerns quickly and amicably. The average dissatisfied buyer informs as many as 15 people about a negative experience with a company, so making the initial contact positive and beneficial might prevent future anger or post-call chaos.

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3. Increased productivity of support staff:

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When a customer’s issue is fixed the first time they get in touch, it guarantees they won’t call again. This consequently lowers the volume of repeat emails and phone calls and thus shortens wait times for consumers to receive answers. As a result, your workforce becomes more productive. 

How to improve first contact resolution?

1. Set up customer service portal: 

Without software, it is difficult to keep tabs on all support interactions. Documenting which calls were completed the first time around to calculate FCR becomes even more difficult. With a customer support software or portal, you can track issues, requests for assistance, and comments more systematically and comprehensively. This simplifies the job of answering inquiries for agents and produces data-rich and actionable results when evaluating the outcomes. As a result, customers get answers to their questions quickly and the customer service workforce becomes more productive.

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2. Staff your team:

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A lack of staff in a support department can cause support agents to rush through tickets, leading to incomplete solutions. Customers may also become dissatisfied with your service if they have to wait too long. To boost your FCR, make sure your support staff is sized to handle the number of calls, emails, and chats you receive so that customers receive the right answers without a long waiting time.

3. Motivate your staff:

Your customer success team has a difficult job, talking to customers who are frustrated or have issues. To provide top-notch client service, you must have first-rate customer service employees. To motivate them and enable them to solve problems for clients, make sure they are focused at work, feel inspired, and are motivated. You may also inspire better results by establishing incentives or challenges.

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4. Follow up:

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After the issue is resolved, ask your customer to hang around to answer a phone survey or send them a follow-up email. This strategy might provide immediate insight into FCR and prompt either support agents or team leaders to reach out to the customer again to address their issue. It may also help improve FCR if your firm counts issues resolved within the day as a successful first contact resolution.