improve your performance

improve your performance

Improving your performance at work should be standard practice. As a manager or leader, you should constantly be striving towards success not only for yourself but also for each one of your employees or teammates. Here are some suggestions that will help your entire organization improve work performance by creating a more efficient workplace that thrives on perpetual growth and continuous learning.

Set the right expectations

Whether you’re planning for your team or working towards a personal goal, setting the right expectations is extremely important. Setting the right expectations right out of the gate will ensure your employees or teammates have a north star. If you fail to set the right expectations upfront, you may ultimately be disappointed with the outcome.

How to improve your performance at work? 1

Organize, plan and prioritize

How to improve your performance at work? 2

If you fail to organize, plan, and prioritize, you won’t be able to be successful. Each one of these practices is key to facilitating a productive environment that attributes to success at work. Being organized and prioritizing planning can be as simple as creating a checklist at the start of each day or as complex as creating a quarterly business plan. Being organized is essential, no matter what your final goal or outcome may be.

Avoid distractions

One of the quickest ways to get derailed from a task or pulled away from an important project is to get distracted. If you’re someone that’s easily distracted, it’s important that you set time aside for deep working periods where you close yourself off to any external factors that may get in the way of your success.

How to improve your performance at work? 3

Do one thing at a time

How to improve your performance at work? 4

Many claims to be prolific multitaskers but it’s very rarely the case. When you begin to take on task after task the quality of your work may deteriorate. If you want to improve your performance at work, a quick and easy way to make a difference is to focus on one core task at a time.

Don’t leave things unfinished

The age-old rule remains. If a task will take less than two minutes to complete, finish it right away and cross it off your list. If you’re the type of person that frequently starts a task and fails to finish it, you know that it can begin to get daunting or even overwhelming. Finishing a task before you start a new one will not only help you improve your performance at work, but it will also help you minimize stress.

How to improve your performance at work? 5

Acknowledge your areas of improvement

How to improve your performance at work? 6

You can’t improve if you aren’t willing to change and grow. Acknowledging your weak spots and creating an action plan that can help you take steps towards improving whether it be from a personal or professional standpoint will be instrumental in your personal life as well as your career.

Take breaks

No one can operate to their full potential without taking the time to recharge. Taking short breaks will help you focus and regain the strength you need to conquer your task with excellence. Encouraging short breaks in the workplace will ensure everyone is energized and in the right headspace to complete tasks efficiently.

How to improve your performance at work? 7

Practice knowledge sharing

How to improve your performance at work? 8

Knowledge sharing presents a unique opportunity for people to practice effective communication while sharing their expertise and teaching others about what they’re passionate about. Everyone comes from a different background and joins an organization with a different skill set. Embracing these differences and encouraging knowledge sharing will help you improve your performance at work because you will have acquired new knowledge and information that you can apply in the workplace.

Keep upgrading yourself

We’re living in a digital era which means information is available at your fingertips whenever you need it. If your organization or employer doesn’t prioritize courses or regular training sessions, take it upon yourself to improve and learn new skills via online workshops or free courses.

How to improve your performance at work? 9

Build working relationships and connections

How to improve your performance at work? 10

Cultivating strong relationships with your co-workers means you will have a solid team to collaborate with when you need it most. Spending quality time or initiating impactful conversations with your employees or teammates by encouraging check-ins and casual chats is a great way to build lasting connections and strengthen relationships within your team.

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