What are the best practices to follow in order to build rapport with your customers over a call? 3
  1. Keep the customer engaged: Keep your customer engaged by asking timely questions and telling them what exactly you are doing when you are checking for updates for the customer. 
  2. Keep it personalized: Make sure the customer feels warmth and familiarity when talking to you. 
  3. Do some research beforehand: Research on the hot topics going around in the region to talk about when you are looking through the system for an update but also need to keep the customer engaged. 
  4. Never leave the customer hanging: Never leave your customer hanging in the middle of a conversation. In case the call gets disconnected, you must reach out to that customer immediately or at least leave a note on an email/voicemail. In order to take precautions, inform the customer at the beginning of the call that you would reach out to them in case the call gets disconnected in the middle of our conversation.
  5. Never look down on a customer: There will be times when the customer might come up to you with a very silly concern, however, you should guide them in a proper manner as if you would treat any other customer. 
  6. Try to provide a timely resolution: The faster you provide the correct resolution the happier the customer will be. They will have a much better chance of leaving a better review. 
  7. Be confident while you speak: There must be times when you will have no resolution for the customer and your rapport with that customer on that call will decide whether the customer will leave sad and satisfied or would want to escalate a call and yell at you. 
  8. Show the bright side: Showing the bright side to a customer would be the best strategy to become your customer’s favourite rep. Even if you don’t have a solution right away but you tell them about different schemes or features or give any alternative related to your company services which the customer might not know about or might not know how to use to its full potential, that can help you score a good relationship with your customer over a call.
  9. Do not keep customers on long and multiple holds: That just reduces your calibre as an agent in a customer’s eye. You should try and give out a resolution without having the customer wait on hold for you however if it is mandatory, then it should be as brief as possible and in case you are not able to find a solution by the time you have put the customer on hold 2 times, you should inform the customer that it is going to take time and you will follow up with them. Maki