What is customer service? 5
Customer service is the help and supports you offer your customers before, during (the purchase of), and after they buy and use your products or services. Today’s customer service goes far beyond the traditional telephone support agent. It’s available via email, web, text message, and social media. Many companies also provide self-service support, so customers can find their answers at any time day or night. Customer support is more than just providing answers; it’s an important part of the promise your brand makes to its customers. Customer service can mean different things for different people and businesses and every person or company will have its definition of what good customer service means but the fundamentals will always remain the same.
What is customer service? 6
  1. Listen to your customers: Talk less, listen more. Active listening is the key to gathering maximum information about your prospect and addressing their pain points with your solution. 
  2. Know your product: You will not be able to sell your product if you don’t know about it inside out. You will be able to educate your customer about the benefits of your product only when you have complete knowledge of it. 
  3. Empathize and provide tailor-made solutions when possible: Listen, empathize and provide solutions. Customers are more willing to talk to you when you care about their problems and customize solutions according to their needs. 
  4. Keep your word: If you promise something to the customer, make sure you get it done. Keeping your word is vital for maintaining trust and keeping customers loyal. For example, “Sir, can I get back to you with the information in a minute”? Do not keep your customer hanging without a response for more than one minute. If you fail to keep your word, the customer might get irritated and hang up the call, followed by spreading the word about your unreliability.
  5. Keep evolving: Customer service has never been stagnant. It is all about making improvements, implementing new strategies and leveraging technologies to enhance the customer experience. Keep evolving as a customer agent by refining your skills and implementing best practices to delight your customer through every conversation.
Providing great customer service will help you achieve the following.
  1. Build your brand: Building a brand begins with consistent customer service. No matter whatever the issue your customer might be facing, you want them to have a wonderful support experience after every call and believe that your brand is helpful, reliable and understanding. 
  2. Increase profitability: Customers tend to stay longer where their needs are fulfilled. Make sure you provide a great solution and satisfactory experience every time a problem arises. This way, the more customers you retain, the more profitable you will become. 
  3. Get customers and retain existing ones: Keeping your customers happy is the key to retaining them for the long run. Customers are more prone to stay where they feel valued and cared about. Happy customers will eventually spread the word about you resulting in achieving new customers altogether.