Remote Workforce Solutions: Is your habit of handling every aspect of your business affecting your growth?

Remote Workforce Solutions
Remote Workforce Solutions

Remote Workforce Solutions: Is your habit of handling every aspect of your business affecting your growth?

It is logical that you work on all aspects of your business in the initial phase. It may not be possible hiring people on day 1, as there are circumstances that will not allow you to do that. Nonetheless, when your business grows, it comes to the stage where one person can’t control the whole thing; thus, you build a small team. Your business is going forward and you have acquired a considerable number of clients/customers, the team starts to face an increased workload. When this happens, it will require an extra effort to manage the work. Efforts such as additional hours, employees having to finish the tasks in a shorter time, weekend work, No leaves, etc. If you are facing this, it’s time to scale your team and distribute the workload.

 Understandably, several circumstances might prevent you from scaling your team. Factors such as high expenditures, Infrastructural expansion, cost of talent search and cost of training, etc. You can overcome this through strategy termed: “Remote Workforce Solutions.”

What are Remote Workforce Solutions?

Let’s assume that you are selling shoes online named “Alpha Shoes.” It is durable, it looks great, it is lightweight, and it is available in different colors. But is your audience searching for ‘Alpha Shoes’ on Google? Probably not. Remote Workforce Solutions: Is your habit of handling every aspect of your business affecting your growth? 1Overhead expenses primarily consist of staffing costs and additional expenses required for building the environment where the staff can operate. The additional expenses may include Infrastructure, Computing and communication systems, Travelling expenses, Food and beverage, additional benefits mandated by the government, etc.

Now, what if you wrote an article named “Awesome shoes to gift yourself this Christmas.” In this article, you’ll use keywords like Awesome shoes, durable shoes, Christmas deals in Shoes, White shoes, etc. When a person searches for these keywords, your article will pop up on the front page of Google. The searcher now knows about ‘Alpha Shoes.’ If they like your product, there is a high chance that they will buy it. The reason behind this is, when a person searches for a specific product, it means that there is a need.

The sales conversion rate from an article is higher than the conversion rate from advertising. Advertisements in sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, works great. But, when a user sees these advertisements, they’ll not be explicitly looking for shoes. For all we know, they just came to Facebook to laugh at memes. Factually, bringing your business on the front page of Google increases your sales.

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Remote Workforce Solutions: Is your habit of handling every aspect of your business affecting your growth? 3

Remote Workforce Solutions is a strategy where a company will build and manage employees for you according to your requirements. The team will work as a remote extension to your in-house team.

Why should I use a remote workforce solutions provider?

Building a team with a remote workforce solutions provider will cost you significantly lesser than the cost of hiring an in-house employee. The reason behind this is:

  • Searching for talent and hiring will be done by the remote workforce solutions provider.
  • The remote workforce company will be responsible for providing infrastructure and necessary pieces of equipment.
  • When your remote workforce is operating from a developing country, the labor cost will be lesser.

Statistically, using remote workforce solutions will cost you less than 50 percent compared to building your own in-house team.

Will the quality of work be affected if I use Remote Workforce Solutions?

No! Your remote workforce provider is responsible for searching experienced, agile, and qualified candidates for the job.

What about other factors like Data Security, Communication issues, and Control?

For this, I encourage you to read my blog: Things to know before outsourcing: Small business and startups, where I have covered these topics point by point.

Apart from cost-saving and other aspects related to work: Let’s talk about how Remote Workforce Solutions will help you personally.

Hard Work Vs. Smart Work has been the topic of debate for like ‘forever’ now. Which one is better? Well, it depends on the task at hand. Some things are so mission-critical for the business that it can only be accomplished when you entirely commit to the task. Focusing on such aspects is crucial for your business development. However, often, people end up working on multiple aspects of their business, leaving themselves very little time for personal development.

Personal Development is as crucial as professional development for your growth. Saving yourself some time will allow you to be on good health, fresh mind, and well-rested. Your personal life is correlated with your professional life. If you have enough time to clear your head, you’ll contribute to your business more.

How will Remote Workforce Solutions help you?

  1. The remote team will be working even on non-business hours to complete the work. You can spend your after office hours worry-free knowing that an experienced group of people is working on completing the work.
  2. With an increased headcount, the tasks can be done rapidly and more accurately. This will save you those extra hours, which would’ve been invested in the same task.
  3. Your remote workforce team will cost you less, and you can use the extra money to develop the core of your business. More development of your business results in increased revenue.

From going on a vacation that you wanted to go for a long time, spending more time with your friends and family, to accelerating your business towards success, Remote Workforce Solutions makes it possible. Enjoy your personal time resting assured that your remote team is making sure that your business is running smoothly.

Management consultant, educator, and author, Peter F Drucker once said: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

Remote Workforce Solutions will benefit you in a way that you had never imagined. So consider utilizing remote workforce strategy to boost your business growth.

For more information on how can you use Remote Workforce Solutions for your business, contact us on or visit

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