Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 1

Companies spend a lot of time brainstorming ways to attract new customers. Instead, they can choose a more effortless and effective way to enhance their customer base by leveraging existing customers to attract new ones. Businesses must create loyalty programs and gifting campaigns using customer loyalty software to achieve this. Since there are so many options to choose from, we’ve listed some top customer loyalty software programs for businesses that they can use in 2022 to grow their customer base. 

What is a customer loyalty program?

Businesses can build, manage, and evaluate customer loyalty programs and gifting campaigns using customer loyalty software. This software can track and distribute customer incentives such as reward points, discount vouchers, and free product samples. It’s done to increase customer engagement and purchase value after making the sales. 

Here are the top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022:

Tango card: Customer loyalty software for E-gift cards

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 2

Investing in technology for better performance of your support team is one thing. Choosing the right tool is another. You wouldn’t want some slow and useless tools for your business that degrades your team’s performance. That’s why it is important to carefully pick the tool that helps boost your team’s performance and establish a better customer experience. 

Loyverse POS: Customer loyalty software for point of sale

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 3

Creating and managing a customer loyalty program might seem too much trouble for offline businesses. Loyverse POS provides you with the tools to make it simple. With Loyverse POS, you can utilize any smartphone or tablet as a POS and connect it to barcode scanners and receipt printers in your shop to make sales. Loyverse collects client data in the background to create reward programs and generate statistical insights. Using the dashboard, you can even target specific customers to see what they like so that you can provide them with offers they’ll enjoy.

TapMango: Customer loyalty software for email marketing

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 4

A generic customer loyalty program will not suffice for your business if the market is fiercely competitive. TapMango helps you run a branded mobile app for your customers so they can track their points in addition to SMS and email marketing. TapMango not only makes it simple for you to reach many customers but also enables customers to place orders directly via their phone. Using the TapMango back-end, you can analyze your information and customize your rewards. 

VYPER: Customer loyalty software for contests

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 5

Are you having difficulty motivating your clients with conventional rewards programs? Why not turn it into a game? With VYPER, businesses can set up viral giveaway campaigns to collect more email addresses, social media followers, and other positive responses. Gamification with built-in leaderboards and incentive structures is used to incentivize this tool. In addition, you may use this tool to create several visual designs and display options for your advertisements.

ReferralCandy: Customer loyalty software for referrals

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 6

ReferralCandy provides eCommerce organizations with the tools to boost their referral marketing efforts. Shopify and Magento are just two platforms where this program can be utilized. Google Analytics is just one of the many analytics modules that are integrated with this program. As referral traffic mounts, you can send advertisements directly to new leads to determine how receptive your target audience is.

Emarsys: Customer loyalty software for advanced users

Top 6 customer loyalty software for companies in 2022 7

Customer loyalty software is an area where Emarsys shines. They allow you to create and manage loyalty programs across channels, including average order and customer lifetime value. You may use Emarsys to handle a variety of use cases and to customize templates for cross-channel workflows. Furthermore, their Analytics platform is powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.


There is plenty of fish in the sea. Likewise, there is a lot of customer loyalty software in the market to choose from. The key to selecting the best software for your business is considering your needs, size (ie. small or big enterprise) and type (ie. commercial or retail). Evaluate every factor while making your decision and choose the software that best suits your business.

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