Outsourcing: A growth enhancer to your business

A growth enhancer to your business
A growth enhancer to your business

A growth enhancer to your business

As a start-up organization, it is tough to keep up with all the tasks associated with your business. Your time is of the essence as you will have to focus on all sections of your company to make sure that everything is running smoothly. In any company, whether it is a well-established or a start-up, customers are the main drivers of the company’s growth.You cannot guarantee that you will keep everything perfect, but what you can ensure is that if there are any issues, the customer will get a swift resolution.An exemplary customer service team is crucial for startup businesses as in the early days, your product is not fully baked, and you will have to offset the missing features in your product by providing a great service whenever your customers encounter a problem.Building an in-house customer service team can be a costly task. Here outsourcing a part of your customer service team can be a good option that provides you with a skilled team and many other benefits to your company, which allows you to save time and cost to focus on other critical aspects of your business. 

Ten reasons why you should outsource your customer service team :

Outsourcing: A growth enhancer to your business 1
Outsourcing: A growth enhancer to your business 2
Outsourcing: A growth enhancer to your business 3
  1. Cut down on costs – The outsourcing company will have the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and tend to charge less.Growing the team inhouse can be an expensive task because you will have to consider employees’ salaries, benefits, training, and other expenses, which an outsourcing company will take care of on your behalf
  2. Save time – When an outsourcing company is handling the larger volume of customer service requests, you will have more time to focus on other core functions of your company.
  3. Professional representatives –Outsourcing companies have the experience to create a team of experts and to provide necessary arrangements for the continuous growth of the representatives. This may include providing proper training for Quality and Team leaders and to enhance the soft skills of the agents. 
  4. Someone to hear at any moment – A BPO will be able to provide support to your customers even during non-business hours and weekends.Customers are more satisfied if you are there to hear them at their earliest convenience.
  5. Put the workload at ease – In a high growth company, outsourcing your customer service team is an excellent opportunity to put off some workload from your operations.With an Outsourcing company, you have a skilled team that understands the nature of the business and knows how to deal with issues faced by your customers at any time.
  6. Technology – In this frequently developing market, technology is an essential part that allows businesses to function more efficiently.It can be slightly tricky for a startup to co-operate with the continually evolving technologies, whereas the outsourcing company will be familiar with the technology as they are using it on a day to day basis.
  7. Handling peak seasons – Businesses such as eCommerce, Fulfillment industries experience a hike of sales during a certain period of a year, such as holidays.The company cannot miss that opportunity and will have to focus more on the other areas of the service. Here outsourcing can be invaluable because more personnel can be allocated to handle customer service requests.
  8. Reduced first response and full-resolution times– With training and experience in working with customers, the representatives will be able to handle more queries in a short amount of time, so your First response and Full resolution time never go high.Swift responses and resolution build customer trust and gain brand loyalty.
  9. Versatility – Outsourcing businesses can offer additional services apart from customer service, flexible timings, and insights on making the process more efficient.For example, if you require a new team created for sales and other services, the outsourcing company can accommodate those requirements as well.
  10. Increase in revenue – As the competition increases in the digital era, customers are more demanding than ever. The customer wants the best service. They need their questions answered, and their issues resolved.If you can meet your customer’s needs, you have your customer’s loyalty, and you become the “My Brand” to your customersYou will be able to see an increase in your company’s revenue when you have gained your customer’s loyalty and trust for their frequent visits.As the old proverb says, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

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