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Why Should You Outsource Your Sales Process?

The Sales process is more complicated than it was decades ago. You could simply hire an in-house team, train them on your product, and they could start selling. Or you could give your existing employees multiple tasks, and you could see good results. In today’s world, a sales representative needs to receive specialist training to compete with the vast number of companies targeting the same prospect. Building an in-house team will cost you a lot, and the cost doesn’t only include the salary, it consists of overhead expenses as well.

Outsourcing your sales team will help you save time, save cost, explore a huge talent pool, and with experienced people working dedicatedly on your team, your sales growth and revenue will skyrocket.

How Can We Help You?


Cold Calling

We will reach out to prospective buyers through cold calling and introduce them to your product/service.

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Email Outreach

We will run a mix of cold and warm emails to convince and convert prospective buyers to customers. 


LinkedIn Messaging

We will build your sales funnel by reaching out to prospective buyers via LinkedIn Messaging and InMail Messaging.

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Appointment Setting

We will set up meetings with interested buyers and bring them from top of the funnel to the end.

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Strategy and Planning

We will help you figure out the best sales approach for your business according to your industry and consumer behavior.

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Sales Copywriting

We will craft highly persuasive copies for your demand generation and brand awareness campaigns 

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Lead Generation

We will generate high quality and accurate custom B2B email lists for your email marketing campaigns.  

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Advertisement Campaigns

We will build the “I know these people” factor by advertising your business in platforms like Social Media and SERP.

How Does It Work?

This process is segregated in three parts: Planning, Hiring, and Training.

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1. Planning

This phase includes understanding your business model and your consumers. Discussing the number of representatives you need, and the kind of representatives that fits your business requirements impeccably

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2. Hiring

After the planning stage, we now move to hiring the candidates. We will handpick the most talented and experienced candidates. If you wish we will also make you a part of hiring process where you can talk to the candidate as a final round of interview.

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3. Training

This is the final phase where we train the candidates on your product and your consumers. After the training stage, we will deploy the representatives live and initiate the process of supercharging your sales growth.

Want To Crush Your Sales Goals?


We’re headquartered in New Delhi, India.

The hiring and training process can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

Yes. The first two months are contract free. After that, you’ll have to sign a contract saying, if you’re leaving our service, you have to notify us 1 month prior.

It depends on the number of reps you hire. Contact to know more.

No. We only hire experienced representatives who have spent a considerable amount of time in this specific field. We also test the candidates in several ways to make sure that you get best-in-class and high quality service.

Yes. 30% of total amount, assuming a work of 172 hours per month. Please contact for more details.

No, this is a one time fee. You’ll not be charged a setup fee when you scale your team with us.

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